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How to dress you happy?

Clothing has been an economic and social indicator for centuries and surely with our outfit we still can significantly influence the first impression we make. Our apparel, accessories and shoes tell stories about our ambitions and priorities, even about our sense for details. I love to observe how we use our dresses as “armor and weapons” towards the external world but I am even more curious to learn how our outfit can influence our own mood. Researches show that clothes have an effect on the wearer's psychological processes, their mood and even their behavior. How does it work in real life, beyond the lab? During the last two years of pandemic, home officing and uncertainty, I tended more and more towards my “comfort outfit”. What does the expression mean to me? Mainly it’s an analogy of the comfort food - which provides consolation in any kind of difficult situation. My comfort clothes are a crispy white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, they give me the same feeling of calmness like having a cup of delicious tea. What is your comfort outfit, that makes you relaxed? Do you perhaps have some dresses which give you more than comfort and they perhaps create happiness?

Here are some ideas, that I believe work well, they might dress you happy: Wear clothes that fit beautifully and flatter you. · Always focus on your strengths instead of hiding or compensate your weak points. · Explore, step by step, new colors and different materials: observe their effect on your mood. Apply the “Less is more” principle for your closet. · Declutter your wardrobe and reflect: how has your life-style changed lately? Do your dresses reflect these changes? · Better to have a couple of stylish quality items that you like instead of an eclectic collection of that are out of character. · Get rid of items with negative associations. A well-chosen color and cut might be a game changer. As soon as you feel confident in an outfit, the ever best accessory, your smile directly appears and starts a positive chain reaction. When did you experienced last time this positive energy of confidence? What are your happy clothes? Are they the same items that you have favored for decades, or they change from time to time as your life-style alters? Do you consciously chose colors that emphasize your eyes, skin-tone and hair? Are you aware of your style personality or your most flattering fit in a dress? In case you are curious to reflect together, reach out to me.

Let’s dress you happy

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