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“Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind.” - reflections on the International Day of Happiness

March 20th has been marked as the UN International Day of Happiness since 2012. The theme of this year is “Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind.” But after all, you might just do what suits you best for a bit of happiness. If everyone does so, the impact on our society would be huge.

What boosts my happiness is normally some movement in fresh air (or exercise in general) an honest hug either to give or to receive, a good talk with nice people and completing small tasks. As working freshly washed clothes makes me content, I simply love ironing. And last but not least, good food. “Happiness is a piece of cake”, is a saying that I can strongly relate to.

What works against my happiness is surely missing sleep, getting stressed, being afraid to say no for stuff that I don’t want to do and in the long term to eat too much carbohydrate. These factors normally move together and strengthen each other’s effect.

Accepting our blue moods is essential, just like acknowledging that we cannot fix everything in the world. In case you get some bad news or make a mistake, don’t pretend to be super- happy. Being authentic is already a conscious step towards happiness! Acknowledge the sad feeling, reflect on it and then shift your focus to what it might take to recover.

Do you agree with the saying: “My happiness is my responsibility” What have you done today for your own happiness?

I wish you to be happy on the 20th of March…and all the other days of the year.Here are some boosters for the happiness hormones.

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