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Take a break or smile at strangers - personal reflections on the World Mental Health Day

Do you sometimes experience that it is difficult to sleep, your energy level drops and you lose focus even on important things? Does it occur that you feel dull and exhausted even after having endless cups of tea and coffee? Have you felt that everything around you only makes your mood worse?

Right before my holiday I was in a really sensitive mood, sometimes I felt that I could bite people. Even the tiniest and harmless inconveniences irritated me far beyond the reasonable level. I am sure I have accumulated all the stress for a long time without recognizing it, and once it just came to the surface.

My strategy to cope with the situation was to take a break and do digital detox.

During our two weeks holiday (we are blessed that we could go away!) I checked my phone only in the mornings and evenings, drastically reduced my social media traffic and used only some limited times in the evening to catch up. It worked, I am stronger and better balanced again and really thankful that we had this option.

To avoid falling back, I try to follow some everyday rituals that can boost energy levels and mental health. They seem to be obvious and one can easily oversee their effect, however, I really believe it makes a good sense to apply one or some of them.

  • When it comes to nutrition: listen to your body and consume food that gives you real energy and rejuvenates your body

  • Move! Dance, swim or just walk in fresh air, do even short yoga or workout sessions. Do regular stretching to reduce your stress.

  • Meditate to slow down or try to do breathing exercises

  • Appreciate the little things around you: have a tea or a cappuccino, read a good book, have a massage or treat yourself with a manicure.

  • Declutter your life. Start with the physical environment and sort out everything that is useless. Continue with your relationships.

  • Spend time with those who make you feel safe and comfortable and try to reduce your time investment into energy-thieves. It’s also a kind of decluttering, to reduce your relationship even if it is harsh to call it this.

  • And last but not least smile at strangers, it's amazing to experience when they smile back.

In case you feel being stuck, talk about your problems openly with your friends or family and dare to ask support from your GP or mental health professionals. You are not alone!

Should you have a desire to declutter, ask me :).

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