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how to dress you happy


dare to be beautiful!

What are your happy clothes? Are they the same items that you have favored for decades, or they change from time to time as your life-style alters? Do you consciously chose colors that emphasize your eyes, skin-tone and hair? Are you aware of your style personality or your most flattering fit in a dress? In case you are curious to reflect together, reach out to me.

dress for success

an important occasion at work, 

where you would like to feel confident?

It would be my privilege to support you in the preparation. The most important point is, to be your true self to achieve your goals.


wardrobe de-cluttering

“I don’t have a thing to wear!”
is the feeling familiar?
even more annoying, if your closet is fully packed.

Let’s take a look together and create a wardrobe that works for you. 

capsule wardrobe

do you believe that less is more?
I am happy to support you  to build your sustainable, variable, quality wardrobe


shopping strategy &
personal shopping (Cologne-Dusseldorf)

optimise your shopping! 
buy only those items which you will really wear, 
that reflect your true style and boost your confidence.

I am there for you to create a sustainable shopping list or accompany you on your shopping tour (in Dusseldorf-Cologne area)

spend less and shine more

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