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my belief 

that every woman is beautiful when they are happy. Furthermore, all of us are stylish when we dress with confidence, according to our personality.  



Dressing up with confidence was not that easy during my menopause, which actually hit me out of the blue and wore me out emotionally and physically alike. 

Being confident, in general was difficult. I started to doubt my skills and questioned my values on the labor market as well.

Luckily, I reached out for professional help and found my way back to my femininity, embracing the “new” me.


For my 50th birthday I gave the symbolic present to myself: let my hair grow grey, and save time on worrying about the roots.

Most importantly I decided to follow an old dream of mine and study style coaching. Perhaps, I can help you too, finding  or redefining your way to your style. Perhaps, I can help you as well to dress happily. 


I am Zsofi Klein (53), an engineer and marketing expert by profession, earning my bread and butter as a communication professional for decades. Although I was born and spent most of my life in Hungary, the center of my life has been in Germany for a while. After a professional assignment, I moved to North Rhine-Westphalia permanently and by now I am not only remarried here but found lovely friends as well. 

how to start?

In case you are interested in a style coaching session with me, please send an e-mail or text me. Normally I work online, my preferred languages are English and Hungarian. 

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