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Your true friend…the little black dress

“The little black dress is the true friend. She travels with patient and go to her when you don't know where else to go and she is always reliable and timeless.”

Says the quote from Diane von Furstenberg

Do you agree?

One point is indisputable: the little black dress earns an important place in your capsule wardrobe.

The versatility of the little black dress competes with the universal white blouse. Which is the winner? It really depends on personal taste and style preferences.

A blank canvas, a good start of anything, that’s the little black dress. A hardworking item, that one can use all day long, can be dressed up or dressed down so easily. Yes, it can be conservative and practical at your workplace, sexy and seductive for a date, sophisticated or super-cool for a special evening occasion.

Based on the function, you might pair it up with a wool blazer or a jeans jacket for daytime, with a silk shawl for any kind of event and cover your shoulders with a fur cape for the evenings. Should you opt for a pair of stiletto or ballerina, perhaps more daringly a pair of boots or a leader sneaker, the outfit will be again totally different. Fragile jewellery or statement bijouterie, a small clutch or a shopper - these details can obviously adapt the original item almost unrecognisably.

And here we are. A single item made of good good-quality fabric and with a perfect cut enchants you, to be always exquisite and confident.

My personal favourite is a viscose A-line wrap dress, that emphasises my waist and tenderly hugs around my curves. I also love my knee-length wool shirt dress in the darkest raven colour,…and I should not forget the beloved summer item with side gathering. Possessing all three of them might already be extreme…but I don’t have the heart to get rid of them as I wear all the three.

Do you also have a favourite black dress? How do you wear it?

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