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Nothing suits me like a suit…

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Back in the early 2000s (or perhaps even in the last millennium) a nice colleague of mine, Adel, stated regarding the suit: for her, the dark blue trouser-suit was like a uniform. Suits made her life easier. With a well cut suit and a simple shirt she didn’t need to consider in the morning what to wear, so she could use this bit of decision making energy for more important stuff. As much as I respected her professional knowledge, I also loved the idea of the suit with its simplicity and variability. For many years I had several classics in my closet, normally three sets, so I could always decide if I wanted to wear the blazer with trousers or skirt. As much as they were pencil skirts at the beginning of my suit era, later came the A-lines.

Of course, as our personal style shifts from time to time, due to our lifestyle, some garments appear more intensely in our wardrobe. Perhaps that is the reason that in the last decade I opted more for the super-simple jeans & blazer combos or even more for the feminine dress & blazer compositions. However tempting it was, during the two years of almost-nothing-else-but-home-office time I resisted the tracksuits …at least I kept them for the cosy evenings.

Last summer our partial return to the office - we are lucky to work in a flexible style - gave me a good excuse to review my closet and after long-long years, I added a trouser suit again. Why did the change in my mind happen?

On one hand, I arrived at the point that I accepted my new trouser-size. Yes, it is much bigger than it used to be, but it is still a normal ready-to-wear size, available online and in the average shops. On the other hand, and it is a hundred times more important: in the last two years, nice bold colours have arrived at the shops.

These bright items just make me smile- real dopamine boosters. Even the suits, which normally tend to be classical hues, are now available in every shade and different cuts. It is just the cherry on the cake that the sneakers are still in, so one can be super-cosy in a suit.

Do you like to wear a suit? With a trouser or with a skirt?

Perhaps, you are tempted but haven't found the best cut ot most flattering colour?

I am here and happy to help you.

Until then, some inspirational pioneers, paving the way for the suits, the symbol of liberation and independence for women.

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress in 1870 was wearing a trouser costume, as she called it "boys' clothes".

Hollywood icon Marlene Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg's 1930 film Morocco appeared wearing a masculine tuxedo.

Katharine Hepburn, Hollywood icon and a pioneer of American sport-style, embraced wide-legged, roomy trousers and menswear-inspired blazers .

The women in Working Girl, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver in their power suits, were symbols of a whole generation of women.

By now, the symbolism behind women’s suits has changed a lot. As lawyer Harold M. Goldner wrote in 2010, “it is becoming increasingly important to establish credibility and competence without relying on purely external symbols such as worsted wool suits, expensive ties, well-coiffed hair, and imported leather shoes.”

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