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Once a princess, always a princess

Johanna, a kindergartner daughter of my friend, loves to wear tulle … despite the season. She often asks her Mom in the most self-confident way: I am beautiful, amen’t I?

Actually, she is beatiful, not only because of her harmonic features but also of her healthy self-esteem. For her, to dress up like a princess or a ballerina is simply obvious.

When was the last time you wore a tulle skirt, or at least considered doing so?

Normally I find tulle as a fantastic feminine choice for festive occasions, however, this Autumn I opted for a tulle skirt on a normal office day (as much as going to the office in the latest home office time is “normal”). The tulle skirt was paired up with thick stockings, chunky flat oxfords and a plain top, so I practically dressed it down. It worked surprisingly well, and secretly I felt a bit like Johanna. OK, it was not like being a princess, but still mighty fi…

Tulle can be worn in a bit of a traditional way with heels or ballerina pumps, nevertheless, it looks cool with boots or sneakers, if someone likes to be nonconventional.

With a well cut blazer one can never make any mistake, but a biker jacket or a soft pullover tucked into the waistline could also give a fresh momentum to the outfit.

The secret lies in the harmony. As long as the attire reflects your authentic style and you wear it with true joy, you will be as beautiful as the little Johanna.

What makes you feel beautiful?

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