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Winter wedding? Don’t get cold feet!

Which season do you think is the best for a dream-wedding? Opinions diverge: some couples believe in blossoming spring, many are convinced that long summer nights are ideal for the celebration, I personally love autumn when every single leaf is a colourful flower and there is no doubt about the beautifully nostalgic winter.

However romantic a winter wedding is, the bride’s outfit requires extra considerations. Easliy could become the nighrmare of any women, to get frozen outside while the photographer works their magic. Equally daunting could be the chance of melting indoors during the event.

Of course, we might esaily apply here the golden rule of winter hiking and excursions: layers solve everything just like a pair of spare shoes. The overused cliche - claiming that every challenge creates a great opportunity- is so much true for the winter wedding. The bride has the chance to plan an entire ensemble rather than just the dress!

What a fun it could be to decide between a cashmere coat or a bolero to keep the shoulders warm. Let it be a fur wrap or the bride opts for a faux fur cape, both choices provide so many opportunities for an elegant or an extravagant outfit.

Cold fingers? No way! Either a muff or a beautiful pair of gloves are fantastic accessories that express the bride’s personal style and ensure, the hands will be not shivering of cold.

Most importantly: how to ensure that she won't get cold feet?

My advice is surely an extra pair of shoes, or go directly for two extra pairs: one for the outdoor events, one for the indoor pictures and a super-cosy pair of shoes just in case the celebration is getting longer.

Eventually, it is much more important that the bride and the groom feel comfortable than any (almost) invisible detail. After years of happy marriage both will remember the atmosphere of the day, the fun they had but no one will remember the shoe of the bride.

Dare to have a compromise on the colour of your stole, the high of your heel or the decoration of the event, but never give up on your personal, authentic style.

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