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The reliable white blouse

What are the main elements of a well working capsule wardrobe, is really much depending on one’s personal style preferences, their flattering colurs and their self-reflection regarding lifestyle.

One point is for sure: the white blouse is an excellent choice of a sustainable wardrobe, due to its versatility. It suits everyone and comes in so many varieties.

Photo: Zsuzsanna Rohmann Photography

Dress up, dress down, it serves every occasion, can be paired up with high-waisted trousers, tailored slacks, shorts or skirts. Either layering the white shirt under a dress, or above it we can easily create an office outfit. Home office in a cosy wool jogger? No problem, the white button up shirt will provide a perfect professional look. My personal favourite: a simple white shirt with dark jeans, makes a basic business casual set and always gives me the same calmness as having a cup of delicious tea.

When it comes to materials, my recommendation would be always a high component of cotton or viscose, combination with elastin might give extra wearing comfort, however, it is a compromise on crispness. For super-feminine look silk is also a fantastic choice, nevertheless we can’t oversee the need of careful cleaning. Should you like coolness on your skin during hot summers? The linen shirt is the ever best option, even with its natural creases.

Hundred shades of white: snow, milk, ivory, vanilla, seashell and many more without a special name, which is yours?

To enhance one’s natural beauty it is important to find the most appealing tone, thumb role could be following: with colder undertone one should go for snow white, frost, daisy or alabaster, while with warm undertone the ivory, cream and coconut works pretty well.

What is your favourite shade of white? Are you aware, which tone flatters you most?

In case you are curious to have a colour analysis or would like to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe but not sure where to start, I am happy to help.

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