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Spicy mustard and dragon fire – your bright Autumn

According to the Pantone Color Institute, spicy mustard and dragon fire are two of the top-ten standout colours of the upcoming fall.

Mustard is a darker shade of yellow, often used in interior design, clothing and fashion. Mustard is ideal for those who embrace brighter colors and appreciate the energy, which is radiating from this warm tone. Beyond the warmth, mustard suggest creativity and courage. In general, it increases positive emotions.

Orange is even more vibrant, its natural warmth is connected with energy and optimism. As it can be very attention-grabbing, it is often used in advertising.

While in most cultures orange has super positive connotations, for example in western cultures it represents autumn and harvest, in some cultures of the Middle East it is associated with mourning and loss. Buddhist monks in Southern Asia wear orange robes that symbolize simplicity and letting go of materialism.

Negative connotations might occur if someone associates orange with the logo of a certain party or an institution, for example in the US, where orange is the color of the prison uniforms.

How to combine? Either boldly with green, petrol perhaps pink … or classically with chocolate, black, gray or white. My personal choice for years has been pairing up orange and fuchsia.

Both mustard and orange look the best on people with warm undertone skin, however, orange can be a lucky choice even with cold undertones.

How would you wear an item in dragon fire or a spicy mustard? In case you are curious to explore your best hue with these wonderful colours, I am happy to lead you through a color analysis.

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