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Merry yellow – start the day with a smile

Photo: Rohmann Zsuzsanna

Yellow is the colour of the Sun, it symbolizes enlightenment, creativity and new beginnings. Most people associate it with optimism and happiness.

Of course, yellow might have many different meanings depending on what country or culture you are in. In India, yellow means auspiciousness because it’s one of the sacred colours in Hinduism, while in China yellow means happiness and joy, also appears in the Chinese flag. However, in my homeland, Hungary, yellow has a certain connotation of enviousness and I learnt the same applied for the German culture. In English, the expression is “to be green with envy” and the Germans use the yellow colour to express if someone feels envious: “Gelb vor Neid” . Independently from all cultural connotations yellow have a positive effect on our mind.

Whilst yellow could be a perfect choice for a summer outfit, either for casual or evening occasions, it makes sense to consider the tonality before we decide to go for it.

People with warm undertone-skin might wear most shades of yellow from the banana through bumblebee even canary or gold. Those, who have any cold undertone, might be cautious and stay with cooler tones like lemon or macaron, or choose to wear a yellow item not directly close to their faces.

Photo: Rohmann Zsuzsanna

How to combine yellow? Depending on personal preferences we can achieve even a dramatic effect with choosing a strong, contrasting combination. Black, intense blue, lilac, fuchsia or grass green are obvious choices. We can achieve a wonderful, hugging composition when pairing yellow with chocolate.

Photo: Rohmann Zsuzsanna

Those who like more the “soft” approach might combine yellow with white, cream, sand, pale blue, lavender or mint.

Credit: Pinterest

As much as I love yellow for its freshness and fantastic energy, it is not exactly my colour. Thus I, for example, normally use it only as an accessory, a bag or a pair of shoes.

How do you wear yellow? What is your merry colour?

Share your thoughts or reach out for a virtual style coaching session, including a personal colour analyses.

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