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Puffer vest: a bit of everyday luxury

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

How would you define everyday luxury? For me it can be any activity or item, which is not needed but we like it so much that we still invest time, energy or money to enjoy it.

Regardless of the price or dedicated time, these can be even tiny happiness-crumbles, like having a cup of tea in the sunny garden, when you should better do something “useful” from your long to do list. A high quality Egyptian cotton bed-linen, with its cool hug around your skin…it can be everyday luxury. A vintage leather jacket that is more-and more valuable with every scratch on its surface can be also luxury. Saying “no” for a favour that someone expects from you as granted but you are not keen to deliver: that’s the biggest possible luxury.

That is why I strongly believe luxury does not need to equate to money.

Following my previous luxury- interpretation, a puffer vest, especially a long one, is a typical everyday luxury piece. It is lovely and not at all practical. One would never consider it as a necessity, much more a "nice to have".

A puffer vest doesn’t warm you properly when it’s really cold and windy, it never protects you from a heavy rain. But it looks awesome, if you find the real one.

However useless they seem, last year when the long puffer vests came into fashion I directly felt their gravitation. First barrier: it was not easy to find a good match - either their cut or their colour was not satisfying me. There were of course, remarkable good choices of beige, silver or gold vests, but I wanted to have a bold, colourful one and I didn’t accept any compromise around the hoodie area. After one week of intense online research, my solution was to re-dust the sewing machine and prepare a unique piece on my own. Alex, my friend, found a neutral taupe vest, made of a light and high quality material, with neon accessories, a great choice for a cosy-sunny afternoon walk.

What is an unquestionable benefit of the puffer vest, that one can easily layer it with other items, more conventionally with sweaters or functional jackets, daringly with an elegant trouser suit. Would you like to be on the safe and warm side? Double it up with another jacket.

What is your everyday luxury? I would be happy to learn about it :)

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