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Jumpsuit - the ballgown of the 21st century?

Jumpsuits were used first in 1919, as practical garment for parachuters to jump from planes. Telltale name, isn’t it?

The streamlined cut with plenty of pockets became soon very popular, used especially for military clothes or worn by mechanicers and manufacturing workers.  


The breakthrough of jumpsuits came in the 1960s: after several less-successful attempts to introduce jumpsuits into everyday fashion, the comfortable jersey fabrics and remarkable patterns took over. Soon the jumpsuits appeared in evening wear, and also arrived to the show business with such iconic musicians as Elvis Presley or Cher. By 1980, the jumpsuits had become so popular that the American designer Geoffrey Beene declared them “the ballgown of the next century”. Was he right?


During the 2020s the jumpsuit was undergoing its renaissance, appeared in every kind of cut and made of a wide variety of materials. Although its an unisex garment, at the moment for everyday styles its more popular among ladies. Based on the cut it can be either artistic, playful or super feminine.

What might be the main considerations before investing into a jumpsuit?

  • Always choose a cut with a definite waistline, or use a belt to create an hour-glass shape. This piece of advice should apply especially in case someone has feminine curves. Highlight your wonderful shape, instead of hiding it.

  • As the ready-to-wear clothes are being designed for average body shapes, and we are all different: practically it is a rare luck when jumpsuits fit in all places. Before jumping, check the shoulders, make sure that the horizontal lines are in their places and the lengths of the trousers are appropriate. With this small checklist it is easy to avoid the outgrown image.

  • Be conscious with shorter versions or culottes: only wear them if you have great and long legs. Other than that, opt for a full length trouser and use this optical tuning to create a taller and slimmer image.

  • Pick out breathable, quality materials and be aware of their maintenance need. However beautiful the delicate silk and fine wool jumpsuits are, their need for dry cleaning should be always taken into account. My preferred choice is normally a jumpsuit made of viscose-elastane combination, which provides all the benefits of a natural garments and easy to clean them.

  • Ironing a jumpsuit on your own might require some practice. In case you are lacking that experience then go for dry cleaning or search for a professional ironing service.

  • Last but not least: dedicate minimum double time for the ladies’ room when you are wearing a jumpsuit. I guess, this point doesn’t need any further explanation.

Lately we have been discussing choices for a wedding dress with a friend of mine and this last practical point was the only counter argument against jumpsuit.

What do you think, is the jumpsuit the ballgown of the 21st century?

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