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your life
might change
your style is timeless


your authentic, personal

Discovering your most flattening colours and clothing preferences will be only the first steps towards your well working wardrobe. Your style always reflects much more than your age, your profession, your health status or your cultural background. Your personal style reveals your values, it gives a strong message about you, before you even tell a single word. As soon as you acknowledge your personal style, you will unlock a potential in many areas of your life. Although the quest for your personal brand is not essential to find your way to your authentic self, it can be a dynamic step on the way.  


find your confidence through your true style

Are you undergoing change?

Let it be a new career step, your return to work after giving birth, or waves of your menopause,...

I am happy to help you to find your authentic style 

and boost your confidence.


“Style coaching was fun and same time an energising process. Zsofi helped me with getting prepared for my return to work, after my maternity leave. The outcome was not only a reviewed wardrobe, that is matching to my style, but most importantly a self-reflection on my priorities and the actions I need take to achieve my goals.”

 Izabella Puszta

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