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Paint your clouds pink

Soon after getting to know her, I realized, Alex was so much more than a well-read, passionate communication expert, sparring partner of creative work, blessed with a great sense of humor. She has also been a hobby-painter for decades, listing several inspirational exhibitions from the last few years.

To explore more than the creative work itself, Alex started to run painting workshops years ago and has shared her painting expertise with those who didn't know where to start painting. This way, Alex helps her friends to experience the happiness of mindfulness work on canvas.

I had the luck to participate in one of her workshops years ago, and as I wanted to introduce her in my happiness -blog, lately I visited Alex’ and her friends’ “painting club” and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the ladies.

As every small community, the ladies also have their rituals: the sessions normally start with clinking glasses of champagne , slowing down after the week, sharing the latest news and some home made— and OMG so delicious - food. After such a start, it is not easy to keep the focus on painting, nevertheless the ladies are curious to learn and pick up their palettes and paintbrushes soon.

The creative process has five main stages

1. choose a theme and perhaps an existing picture as a starting point and print a proportionate copy of it

2. prepare the canvas with a square grid and place the main elements of the theme, using a black lead.

3. do the groundwork with paint, well aware that it can be changed, adjusted or improved any time - so no pressure

4. paint the main elements

5. enhance the details

During the whole session Alex circles around and is happy to give advice when needed, no matter which of the above phases one’s painting is. Should it be a decoration of someone’s home later on or a nice gift for a beloved one, a painting is a gem. More importantly, creating something timeless from scratch is a considerable value, every moment of the mindful work gives us gratification.

Joan Miro’s quote is such a great summary of the feeling:

“ A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness.”

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